Form I-9 Compliance


A Simple Guide to Form I-9 Compliance:

DHS and ICE conduct investigations and audits of small, medium, and large businesses in the area looking for Form I-9 compliance violations.  As an employer, you must comply with the immigration laws and regulations in order to protect your business from civil and criminal penalties.

What Form I-9 Compliance Services We Offer:

  • Pre-audit Form I-9 compliance advice
  • Responses to Form I-9 compliance inspectors like Immigration Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security
  • Defend employers when they receive notices of intent to fine, raids, and criminal enforcement actions from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • Guide employers on the immigration liabilities associated with Form I-9 in mergers and acquisitions and how to mitigate and minimize any potential liabilities

The situation for today’s employers is much more complex than before, and it will only get more difficult. Not only must employers comply with immigration laws, they must also abide by anti-discrimination laws that can make them open to civil lawsuits. Mistakes are costly.  Protect yourself and your business today.

Why Should You Seek Our Legal Counsel?

  • Our experienced immigration attorneys will work with you on the proper completion, record keeping, and corrections on Form I-9 for every employee
  • We put in place the best practices of compliance so you can hire, monitor, retain, and discard your employee’s records with peace of mind.
  • We offer exceptional and professional service at your place of business.

Do You Know the Answer to the Following Questions?  If Not, You Should.

  • What are my Form I-9 requirements?
  • Do independent contractors need to complete Form I-9?
  • When would an employee not be required to complete a new Form I-9?
  • Are my foreign-national employees legally authorized to work in the USA?
  • What do I do when an employee’s employment authorization expires?
  • How can I protect my employee’s privacy?
  • How do I respond to inspectors?

Don’t let mistakes happen. Our team of lawyers can protect you and your business from civil and criminal liabilities.  Call (407) 818-1244 today and speak to an immigration attorney.  You can also send us a message by clicking here.